Christophe Willem opens up without taboos about his love life

A necessary development for the singer.

The career and life of Christophe Willem have not always been easy. With her rather high-pitched voice, her rather slender figure and her slightly eccentric look in his debut, the singer has received a lot of comments, sometimes not very well intentioned, and has been judged a lot through the prism of the media. But that’s nothing compared to what he went through in college, a very difficult time for the singer, by his own admission. On the occasion of the release of his album “Panorama”, available since September 16he returned to these complicated subjects at the microphone of Pure Charts.

He notably made the choice to indulge without taboo on his sexuality, notably by talking about his song “Neither Queen nor King” : “It’s a title that is important because I affirm in it that I am neither one nor the other. I come out of any binary norm. I am not gay as I am not hetero”. So that we can understand his state of mind a little better, especially when he started out, he looks back on this complicated period that is college and the way he experienced it:

“College was a complicated period, I was stigmatized because I was effeminate and had a high-pitched voice. I was necessarily gay! Whereas at that time, you didn’t have a assertive sexuality… I didn’t understand. It’s very hard when, when you were young, you were given a label before you even knew who you were (…) I had the feeling that we often wore importance to the career that I had and that, as a result, I was often defined by very vulgar reductions: “He’s the guy, we don’t know if he’s gay or not, he has a high pitch and he has made New Star”. It’s my CV! So after a while, you lock yourself into the image that people give you”.

Words full of meaning from the singer. To affirm that he is proud of who he is today, Christopher Willem even put a song about it, “In the eyes of the other”, inside his new album. We invite you more than ever to discover it!

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