“Completely traumatized”, Britney Spears plans to stop giving concerts

The singer says that she hated her last concerts and no longer wanted to go back on stage.

Britney Spears announced on Sunday on Instagram that she probably won’t give any more concerts. A consequence of her guardianship, which lasted thirteen years, and left her “completely traumatized”, she explains on the social network.

“I’m completely traumatized and I’m pissed off like never before. I probably won’t give any more concerts because I’m stubborn and I want to be heard on this file,” she says.

The singer also confides her disappointment with the clips and official photos taken during her guardianship – with the exception of the clip for work bitch (2013).

“I mean, they could have at least cheated and retouched them,” she quips.

Disappointed with her performance

Britney Spears also revealed that she had no say in the choice of dancers who were hired to accompany her on stage – and that she was disappointed with their work, as well as her performance during his last concerts.

The pop star regularly takes to Instagram to recount her new life since the end of her conservatorship. Last month, she notably told his difficulty in returning to a normal rhythm of life after having lived 13 years under the thumb of his father.

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