Copy-paste does not appeal to users at all

A large pop-up invades the screen when performing a copy-paste. To be honest, it’s not really “user-friendly”.

For all users on iOS 16, you may have encountered this big pop-up asking for your permission to copy and paste from one app to another. The pop-up is usually meant to act as a privacy measure for users, requiring apps to request permissions to access the clipboard. So the idea is good, but the implementation is not.

One of the readers of MacRumors to contact Craig Federighi and Tim Cook complaining about the invasive pop-up. Apple has just responded to this reader via Ron Huang, a senior executive from the Cupertino company. This confirms that “This is absolutely not expected behavior, and we’re going to shed some light on this issue.” Ron Huang also adds “that this behavior is not something Apple has observed internally, but that Kieran is ‘not the only one’ experiencing it.”

Once the agreement is given, the user’s choice would then be saved by the telephone. The user would therefore no longer be disturbed by this authorization request. It is therefore a safe bet that the problem will be resolved in one of the next iOS updates. Currently, developers are testing iOS 16.1 beta. To see if Apple will offer a fix to this invasive pop-up urgently in iOS 16.1 or if we will have to be more patient.

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