Corinne Touzet’s update on the end of A Woman of Honor

An actor, a cult series, a story… In Sériconique, the Télé 7 jours podcast, iconic television actors and actresses agree to immerse themselves in their series. The one who revealed them, thanks to which they conquered the hearts of the French or who gave a new breath to their already busy career…

After Bruno Solo (Cafe Camera), Samuel Le Bihan (Alex Hugo), Amelie Etasse (Scenes of households), Catherine Benguigui (H), Louise Monot (Life ahead of us) and more recently Sandra Lou (The group)it was Corinne Touzet’s turn to take part in the game, immersing herself in her memories of the series A woman of honorbroadcast from 1996 to 2008 on TF1.

For eleven years, the actress played Chief Warrant Officer Isabelle Florent. An unforgettable character, who ended in his death in the final episode… at least that’s what everyone believed! Indeed, the actress explains:I’m happy to say it, I can’t repeat it enough: I take a bullet in the last episode. Everyone thinks she dies, but not me! (…) I didn’t die, I just fainted in the ambulance. And in fact, when she got to the hospital, they revived her. It’s all right, she’s not dead, the maid of honor. The proof, I’m here! (laughs)”

While Corinne Touzet wanted the series to continue after her departure in 2008, with a new chief warrant officer in mind, TF1 chose to put an end to it, to her great regret…”I fought until the end for the series to continue, she confides. That, as all gendarmes are transferred every three years, they choose a new actress and that at the end of the last episode, I welcome a new gendarme. It was so easy, so simple, it would have been so nice, that I take back my 4×4, the one with which I had arrived, and that I go away with my boxes behind. And they didn’t want…”

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