“Cult sequence”, “awkwardness”, “mythical” … The karaoke evening of Jean and his suitors in Love is in the meadow amuses the Web! (VIDEO)

Since Love is in the meadow is back on our screens, a farmer has found favor with the public: Jeans. The dairy cow farmer is at the heart of the funniest sequences of this 17th season. These two contenders are not there for nothing. The electricity between Laurence and Nathalie makes the best hours of the M6 ​​program. After a heated debate on quiche lorraine recipemany copying charges and tackles in shambles, tensions run their course in Auvergne. In the episode broadcast this Monday, September 12, a karaoke evening will reactivate the discord between the two suitors of Jean. Nathalie, exercise expert, will not hesitate to comment on the vocal performances of her rivalnew to the subject:Go slowly“, “You are late“, “You’re ahead when you sing”, she whispers in Jean’s ear. But the farmer has other concerns. While her guests stare at each other, the 58-year-old farmer was picked up by another woman present in the bar! All these adventures have attracted the attention of Internet users this evening.

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Accuracy, rhythm, tackles… Karaoke amuses Internet users

Edith Piaf, Michael Fugain, Joe Dassin… French song was in the spotlight in Love is in the meadow tonight ! And this, thanks to Nathalie, who offered a karaoke evening to her farmer. This big fan of Johnny Hallyday quite naturally starts his performance with the title Diego. She will unfortunately be disturbed by Jean and Laurence’s conversations, which are too loud for her taste. The fifty-year-old then throws them a “shhh” of anthology, which greatly amused the twittos. Despite their differences, Laurence and Nathalie have one thing in common tonight: their vocal performances will not have charmed Internet users. On Twitter, Many of them expressed their embarrassment in the face of the false notes and the lack of rhythm of the candidates!

The reality behind the scenes: “Nathalie took the lead a little too much”says Jean

Contrary to the good mood that emanates from it, karaoke night was, behind the scenes, a source of tension between Jean and Nathalie. In an exclusive interview he gave us, the 58-year-old farmer told us that he did not appreciate Nathalie’s behavior : “I had the impression that she wanted to take the reins. It’s not just between the two contenders, even compared to me, I found that she was taking the lead a little too much. When we left the evening, she did her sketch, she thanked the whole establishment and everything. As if she were leading the dance. Logically, we should have done the three of us together. Me, I saw it like that.“Taking the microphone is not always a good idea!

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