Cutting its channels: TF1 “solemnly calls on Canal + to return to the negotiating table”

Hand held out. This Friday morning, Canal + has decided to cut off access to TF1 channels from its subscribers and their replay services. The subsidiary of Vivendi justifies this radical decision by the failure of the negotiations concerning the renewal of its distribution contract for the antennas of the group of Gilles PĂ©lisson. Through the voice of its secretary general Didier Casas, TF1 solemnly calls on Canal + to return to the negotiating table and denounces an illegal cut in its signal for French people living in isolated areas.

Did you expect such a cut?

Didier Casas. No, we are very surprised by this decision. The Canal + group has taken on a heavy responsibility. It deprives millions of French people of the channels of the TF1 group. The most penalized are the two million homes in isolated areas, often in the mountains, which can only receive television by satellite. This behavior of Canal + is not respectful of the public. The French do not have to bear the brunt of our trade dispute. This decision is also perfectly illegal for these homes in isolated areas. It is contrary to the audiovisual law of 1986 which provides for an obligation to cover 100% of the metropolitan population.

Is the TF1 group ready to take legal action in retaliation?

We reserve all possibility of action. This cut creates significant harm to our public and our partners. We cannot sustainably be in a situation where we lose a significant part of our audiences. The Canal + group is also a repeat offender of this kind of hostage-taking. In March 2018, he had engaged in the same illegal actsleading the Minister of Culture at the time, Françoise Nyssen, to publicly summon him to resume broadcasting.

Are you appealing to the public authorities today?

We are convinced that we can come out on top of this situation. The Canal+ group is an absolutely essential broadcasting partner for us. We solemnly call on its leaders to sit down at the negotiating table this afternoon and this weekend. We are eager for open, constructive and good faith discussions.

Is the contact broken for the moment?

We are currently somewhat alone at the negotiating table…

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