Death of Elizabeth II: genetics, routine, diet, what was the secret of her longevity?

The Queen of England died last Thursday at the age of 96. Showing an unfailing vitality until the last moments of his intense public life.

A longevity which is explained first of all by a exceptional genetics. Need I remind you that his mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyondied at the age of 101?

But also in the fresh air of Britain which, according to some specialists, was able to strengthen its immune system.

Finally, the secret ofElizabeth II would be in his diet. A routine that Darren McGradyformer head of the crown, had detailed in Hello! on the occasion of his 96th birthday.

A nice kick

The queen always started her day with a cup of earl gray tea nature, without sugar or milk, in the company of his corgis dogs. All topped off with some cookies.

Then she always took her breakfast principal in the private dining room of the buckingham palace. On the menu: cereals, yogurt, toast and orange marmalade.

At noon, fish and vegetables. Often sole on a bed of spinach. No starches, potatoes or pasta, according to our colleagues from La Vanguardia.

Tea time was sacred. His sandwiches and scones too.

In the evening, the queen loved everything: meat or fish. From game to Gleneagles pâté, made with trout and smoked salmon. For dessert, strawberries and peaches grown at Windsor Castle. And if there was still a little room left, a slice of homemade chocolate cake.

Suffice to say that Elizabeth had a nice fork.

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