Dengue fever cases on the rise in France (the figures)

Dengue or ‘tropical flu’ is an infectious disease. It is transmitted by the bite of a diurnal mosquito of the genus Aedes, infected with a dengue virus.

Present in 67 French departments

To date, there is no specific curative treatment or vaccine against dengue but this year, dengue fever cases are on the rise in France since the tiger mosquito is still very present, confirms Public Health France.

The tiger mosquito is still very present

Present in 67 French departments, 41 cases of autochthonous dengue fever have been identified in metropolitan France since the beginning of the year – against ‘only 14 cases in 2020-. If you have decided to eat on the terrace, you have certainly had to ‘fight’ with many mosquitoes this summer.

Contaminating another person

In terms of symptoms, dengue turns into a flu-like state (fever, headaches, body aches, fatigue and muscle pain), all within 3 to 14 days of the bite. The head of the Nice CHU infectious diseases department (Alpes-Maritimes) adds: “Transmission is by mosquito bite. If the mosquito bites an infected person, it becomes contaminating for another person“. Generally benign although debilitating, dengue can be complicated by hemorrhagic forms.

Lemongrass only protects for about an hour

the tiger mosquito, or aedes albopictus is established in more than 100 countries on the 5 continents of the planet. The tiger mosquito lives an average of 30 days. Note also that lemongrass only protects for about an hour against bites.

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