Did Prince Charles and Queen Elisabeth live up to it? The revelations of William and Harry in Diana the seven days following her death (France 5)

The two princes Harry and William take part in Diana The Seven Days After Her Death, a documentary broadcast by France 5 on September 5. The opportunity for them to come back to how the royal family handled this sad event.

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On August 31, 1997, in a terrible accident, Lady Diana tragically lost his life at the age of 36. A drama that was going to upset the entire planet. But also sadden and embarrass the royal family. Indeed, the Princess of Wales was then divorced from the Prince Charles and spun the perfect love with Dodi Al Fayed. Under these conditions, what funeral should be organized for the mother of the princes William and Harry ? The latter respond in an exceptional documentary Diana the seven days after her death, broadcast by France 5, this September 5 at 9:10 p.m. .

What do William and Harry think about how their father handled Diana’s death?

While the couple he formed with Diana never reflected happiness (and for good reason since the son of Elizabeth II never gave up his mistress and childhood sweetheart, Camilla Parker Bowles), Prince Charles had to forget all his grudges to best support his two sons. “There is nothing harder for one parent to announce the death of the other parent.” says Harry in the documentary broadcast by France 5. “I don’t know how we get there but our father was there for us. He was the only parent we had left and he did his best to keep us safe..”

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This gesture of Elizabeth II appreciated by William

When Diana passed away, a mass was held by the Queen at Balmoral for the family. According William, himself now a father : “At that time, my grandmother wanted to protect her two grandsons but also my father. She had all the newspapers in the house removed. We had no information, we were aware of nothing. At the time there was no smartphone or that kind of thing. We didn’t have access to information and honestly that was a good thing. We were thus able to stay in the intimacy to mourn our mother and gather our spirits. We were in a cocoon close to the outside world. We had no idea that his death would provoke a reaction of this magnitude.

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