Do you know when the flu vaccination campaign will start?

Question from Josie

Do you know when the flu vaccination campaign will start?

Hello Josie,

This year, the seasonal flu vaccination campaign will start on October 18, according to the government.

Note, however, that the calendar may change by then, if the country experiences an epidemic resumption of Covid-19, indicates the Directorate General of Health.

This year again, the anti-influenza campaign could be coupled with the fall campaign against Covid-19. Thus, eligible people could receive, at the same time, the anti-Covid vaccine and that against the flu at the rate of an injection in each arm.

Who is concerned?

From October 18 to November 15, 2022, vaccination will be reserved for people at risk, as recommended by the High Health Authority.

People aged 65 and over, people under 65 suffering from certain chronic diseases, pregnant women, people suffering from obesity (BMI equal to or greater than 40 kg/m2), those around them infants under 6 months at risk (who cannot be vaccinated) and immunocompromised people, health professionals and professionals in medico-social establishments in contact with patients at risk, home helpers for vulnerable private employers, professionals exposed to swine and avian influenza viruses.

The authorities estimate that it takes a fortnight to benefit from the protection granted by the vaccine.

How to be vaccinated for free?

The flu vaccine is fully reimbursed by Health Insurance for people at risk. If you are concerned, you will receive from your fund an invitation and a voucher to collect the vaccine free of charge from the pharmacist on presentation of this voucher, and to be vaccinated by the professional of your choice.

On the other hand, the vaccine is not covered by Health Insurance for other insured persons. The price of the vaccine varies between 6 and 10 euros in pharmacies.


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