Donald Trump attacks Joe Biden once again: “He is the enemy of the state”

“He’s the enemy of the state”, launched the Republican billionaire in front of the crowd, responding to the virulent attacks of Joe Biden, who had affirmed two days earlier that Donald Trump “and the + MAGA + Republicans” ( Make america great again) represented “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic”.

“His speech was only hatred and anger”, denounced Donald Trump, accusing Mr. Biden of having portrayed his supporters as “threats to democracy” and “enemies of the state”.

“The enemy of the state is him, and the group that controls him,” continued the former president, in this key state of Pennsylvania for the midterm elections on November 8, where the control of two bedrooms will be at stake.

In his first public appearance since a spectacular FBI raid of his Florida residence on August 8 in Mar-a-Lago, he said the investigative act was “the starkest example of the very real threats that weigh on the freedom of Americans” and one “of the most shocking abuses of power by an administration in American history”.

“The shameful raid and raid on my house in Mar-a-Lago was a travesty of justice,” insisted the former president, who openly flirts with a new candidacy in 2024.

The FBI had carried out this search because it suspects the ex-president of illegally keeping confidential documents from his mandate at the White House (2017-2021).

Federal investigators believe that among the 30 boxes seized are top secret documents “probably hidden” to hinder the investigation, says a document from the Department of Justice.

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