Donald Trump brags about knowing details of Emmanuel Macron’s sex life

A few weeks ago, the domain of Mar-a-Lago of Donald Trump, was the subject of an extensive search by the FBI. A document listed as “the item 1a“info D: President of France” ” was seized there. This file would have constituted for many years a subject of intense interest for the American president.

Indeed, during his presidency of the United States and after his time in the White House, Donald Trump bragged to some of his closest aides that he knew secret details about the love life of French President Emmanuel Macron, two sources told Rolling Stone magazine.

The former president even claimed that he had learned what was going on in the sheets of the first bed of the Élysée Palace thanks to the “intelligence” services he had seen or through which he had been informed, according to these sources.

He doesis unclear whether the Macron-related document the FBI seized during the raid had anything to do with the French president’s personal life. It is also unclear whether the information about Macron seized at Mar-a-Lago are from US intelligence gathering or even classified.

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