Emmanuel Macron: Line Renaud “convinced” him to legalize euthanasia

By Carla Biancarelli

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This Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Line Renaud made revelations about her exchange with Emmanuel Macron about euthanasia.

This Tuesday, August 23, the public at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival experienced a particularly precious moment. Indeed, the immense actress Line Renaud made a moving opening speech on the occasion of the presentation of her film, A beautiful race, with Dany Boon, recently the victim of a multi-million euro scam. “Madeleine, 92, calls a taxi to reach the retirement home where she must now live. She asks Charles, a slightly disillusioned driver, to go through the places that mattered in her life. To see them one last time. Gradually, at the bend of the streets of Paris, an extraordinary past emerges that upsets Charles. There are taxi rides that can change a life…” can we read in the synopsis.

Line Renaud and his fight for euthanasia

A story that echoes Line Renaud, who said: “I have spent my life loving you”, during his speech, which ended with a standing ovation. Adding, “I’m getting close to the moment… I have to think about it, I had a good life, an extraordinary life and it will never be forgotten. Even when I’m gone… I cried all the time. But I don’t want to make you cry.”. This Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Line Renaud was invited to RTL on the occasion of the film’s release on September 21. The actress spoke of her long fight for the legalization of euthanasia in France. And in particular his meeting with the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, about the debate on the end of life. “Yes, I convinced him”she first claimed.

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Before continuing, “because at dinner where I came back to the question, the president made me understand that it would be done”. (…) It seems to me that things are on the right track. I will fight until I get there”, she announced at the microphone of the radio. In recent years, Line Renaud has been fighting for the legalization of euthanasia in our country. The actress even published a column, in the Sunday newspaperthis August 21. “Why would you want to stay until the end when you know you’re doomed? Why endure cruel agony when death can deliver you from a life that is no more than painful survival with no hope of healing?“, she wrote. Reproaching ” hypocrisy “ of France, while “the practice of clandestine euthanasia” exist ” in our country “. As a reminder, euthanasia is legal in Switzerland, Spain and Belgium.

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