Emmanuel Macron shows his support for the Z Event and is strangled by streamers


Like every year, the President of the Republic published a message of support for the Z Event. But Emmanuel Macron’s intervention on the cause defended this year, ecology, led to some angry reactions.

Z Event, the virtual charity event

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“Congratulations to you because you are once again up to the challenges that you have set yourself, by defending a cause, ecology, which I share, and on which we will continue to do and go much more. quick”. It is with these words that Emmanuel Macron jumped on the Z Event 2022 train, evoking pell-mell floods and droughts in a gloubi-boulga of greewashing with government sauce.

But it is perhaps, and above all, the paternalistic tone of the end of the sequence that has upset some videographers. Emmanuel Macron concluded his two-minute speech with a “I’m counting on you, as usual”, and recalled having worked on the organization of a Counter Strike esports tournament on French soil. The video message posted by the President of the Republic obviously did not go unnoticed at the Z Event, where some more politicized streamers than others commented on the matter.

If only you could afford to do something!

“Well yes you are counting on us, because you do not jerk off anythingfor example, exclaimed the streamer Angle Droit, web videographer of legal popularization, live. If only you could afford to do something! Shit !”. Epidermal reactions obviously exacerbated by the stakes and the lack of sleep, even if we do not doubt their sincerity.

Same angry reaction, although less humorous, from Antoine Daniel, creator of the show What The Cutwhich points out that the Head of State publishes this same video every year: “The promo? The word is more propaganda … But it breaks my balls, we didn’t ask for that. […] I want people to know that since the Z Event there are a few people who hate it. […] And it’s because of people like him, among others, that we do these events.”

In the meantime, after several days of festivities, the Z Event 2022 has closed its doors. The more than 50 streamers gathered this weekend in Montpellier collected more than 10 million euros, narrowly beating the record of the previous year, for the benefit of several environmental associations.

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