Energy prices: it’s “the rush for electric heaters” in stores

Space heaters have been popular for several weeks in stores. Since August, several major appliance chains have noticed an interest in these devices and in electric blankets. For example, at Krefelsales increased between August 2021 and August 2022.

For the month of August, we are more than 2.5 times for sales of electric convectors and oil-filled radiators“, explains Frederic Berghmansspokesperson for Krefel.

Some consumers are very far-sighted and have already supplied themselves with equipment in anticipation of winter.

Consumers demand heaters already this week. A rush for electric heaters is expected. We have the stock. We have everything in place in the stores“, specifies Corinne NolletPurchasing Manager for stores Vandenborre.

The stores have stock in anticipation of purchases for next winter. There is also a marked interest in replacing old incandescent and halogen bulbs with LEDs, which often consume 80% less energy than old lighting.

Eric, Store Manager, received questions regarding lighting.A lot of customers come to replace their energy-consuming bulbs with LEDs“, he specifies.

In France, some stores that sell candles are successful, but this trend has not yet crossed the border. France seems to fear power cuts much more this winter than Belgium.

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