Euro basketball: Belgium’s monumental feat which beats Spain, world champion

The Belgian national men’s basketball team probably achieved the greatest feat in its history this Sunday by beating (73-83) Spain, reigning world champions on the 3rd day of the group stage of the Euro basketball court in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Belgium started the game perfectly well, notably dominating the Spaniards under the baskets. After 10 minutes, the score was 11-15, thanks in particular to 5 points from Pierre-Antoine Gillet.

After a complicated start to Q2, with more than 4 minutes without scoring a single point, Belgium saw Spain escape 26-17 but, carried by Manu Lecomte, they came back to one point when returning to the changing rooms (33-32).

The troops of Dario Gjergja then dominated the second act, winning the 3rd and 4th Quarter. In addition to Manu Lecomte’s 20 points, Belgium was able to count on Pierre-Antoine Gillet’s 14 units as well as the precious Retin Obasohan (11 pts) and Ismael Bako (10 pts, 9 rebounds).

Belgium, after a victory against Georgia (79-76) and a defeat against Montenegro on Saturday (76-70), now shares first place with Montenegro and Spain (5 pts). Turkey can take the lead alone if they win against Georgia on Sunday evening.

Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., the Belgians will also challenge Turkey, undefeated before challenging the Georgians. The Lions will punctuate their group stage on Wednesday against Bulgaria (4:15 p.m.). The top four from each group will qualify for the round of 16.

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