Fire of love, an exciting documentary about a couple of French volcanologists who witnessed 175 eruptions

On the big screen on September 14, 2022, Fire of Love tells the journeys of a couple of scientists whose burning passion will take them to more than 175 erupting volcanoes. The true story of the French couple Katia and Maurice Krafft, specialized in volcanology.

They are two small fluorescent orange spots which evolve on expanses of arid stones as far as the eye can see. Katia and Maurice Krafft, mythical couple of French volcanologists, are in the spotlight of fire of lovea documentary directed by Sara Dosa and in theaters on September 14, 2022.

For 25 years, Katia and Maurice Krafft traveled the planet, on the lookout for volcanic explosions, in order to better understand and document them. Falling in love with this mineral ecosystem and disappointed by the world in which they live, they decide to dedicate their lives to the study of eruption phenomena. “Volcanoes are bigger than humans, they are beyond human understanding“explains Maurice. While Katia recounts having “the impression of no longer being anything at all in these unleashed elements.” The passion of these two scientists for this burning world mingles with their own love story. A funny, tender and intelligent bubbling illustrated thanks to their innumerable archives.

Reveal thousand-year-old secrets

The couple who call themselves “mountebank” Where “freelance” don’t hesitate to defy the elements to be as close as possible to these flaming giants. Warned by friends around the world as soon as a volcano erupts, Katia and Maurice go directly to the spot and get help to move forward as much as possible despite the danger, not hesitating to camp for several weeks on the edge of a boiling crater and cook fried eggs in a frying pan directly on the more dangerous than walking on a road in Belgium“, assures Maurice, joking and casual.


The couple wore foil suits and a helm to protect themselves from heat and projectiles. Photo credit: IMAGE’EST

Relentless or even hotheaded, the two volcanologists have set themselves the goal of revealing the thousand-year-old secrets of volcanoes in order to advance science. In their samples, they bring back minerals and gases. And on their […]


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