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What is caraway?

Caraway is a plant found in many parts of the world, which thrives in temperate climates. The seeds are often what interests those who consume it, thanks to the support of certain traditional medicines. Because yes, in herbal medicinecaraway is a particularly popular plant, just as it is in the kitchen, where it can make miracles. To spice up a dish, nothing better than this seed, whose taste is sometimes confused with that of cumin!

What is the difference between caraway and cumin?

The “cousin of cumin”… This is how we sometimes tend to sum up caraway. In reality, if the two seeds can be compared, in no case can they be interchanged.

Why ? First, the regions that use cumin (Maghreb, India, etc.) are very different from those that use caraway (mainly Europe). Also, to the eye, a caraway seed is often browner than a cumin seed, but also more rounded.

Finally, how not to mention the flavor of cumin which, if it goes perfectly with tajines and other falafels, will never replace theunique aroma caraway, both bitter and tasty. But it will be understood, the latter is not only an asset to raise dishes, far from it!

What are the benefits of caraway?

If caraway has been used since Antiquity, it is because its benefits seem full of promise. Of course, caraway is not a medicine, but on the advice of a good specialist, some of its effects can be effective on well-being, starting with:

  • Digestive disorders: in essential oil (in the form of a massage), or in seed, caraway can relieve or even prevent certain stomach disorders,
  • By extension, theaerophagia : caraway is known to promote the expulsion of gas from the intestine,
  • Stomach cramps: the antispasmodic benefits of caraway help relax the muscles, and relieve certain intestinal pains,
  • The respiratory tract: with its expectorant effects, caraway helps decongest the respiratory tract in the form of a massage,
  • the diabetes : Caraway seeds can improve type 2 diabetes. They contain carveol, a compound whose interest is to capture sugar in the blood,
  • Bad cholesterol: caraway helps to promote the lipid-lowering effect, in order to level the level of lipids in the blood.

Once again, it seems obvious that these benefits do not correspond to all profiles. Thus, the use of caraway with a stake other than culinary must be studied with a specialist.

How to use caraway?

In the kitchen as in the bathroom, caraway is a widely acclaimed plant. Indeed, in seed form, it is used first for its atypical flavors, which give character to a dish: both sauerkraut and certain cheeses, and even sweet alcohols (kummel, for example) . A virtue ofspicywhich also has the advantage of being very digest.

In the bathroom, caraway seeds can quickly relieve the bloating, infusing it like a herbal tea. Some infants’ colic may also be relieved.

In essential oil, caraway is very effective in massage, but also in inhalation. This stimulates the appetite, facilitates digestion, decongests the airways, in addition to providing antibacterial properties.

Attention, like many essential oils, that of caraway is very concentrated in principles, and must obligatorilybe diluted. In addition, it is recommended not to use it for more than ten days in a row. Finally, caraway essential oil is not recommended for young children as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women. Seek advice from a specialist if you have any questions.

Caraway: contraindications

Beyond the specific essential oil warnings, caraway is a relatively well-tolerated plant, with a few exceptions. Caraway essential oil is specifically not recommended for people whose liver is fragilein the same way as thegastric apparatus.

In addition, caraway seeds can sometimes cause certain allergic reactions, especially in people sensitive to plants of the Apiaceae family (anise, fennel, etc.).

Here you are now with all the keys in hand to make the most of the benefits of caraway. For recurring or deeper use, it is best to consult a professional who will know whether or not caraway can be an ally!


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