For her stretch marks, Nabilla calls on a Belgian team

When we received a message from a certain Nabilla on our Instagram pagewe thought it was a joke..!”explains Hugues Le Franc, of Dermomask Center. Indeed, she had learned of the results of our avant-garde DERMOMASK technique through one of her relations.”

Results ? Nabilla then specially brought the Dermomask Center team (a state-of-the-art laboratory with its formulas and natural products used exclusively for these specific treatments) to Malta, the location of the filming of her next show, Cosmic Love. “Delighted with her first results on the elimination of her stretch marks, Nabilla has already scheduled her second session in Dubai where she will once again invite the whole team.says Hugo Le Franc of the Dermomask center located in Waterloo, in Walloon Brabant, but which also has branches in France and Luxembourg. “Our medical centers are recognized for their specialization in the definitive treatment of stretch marks and scars, as well as any imperfections on the face, thanks to a unique technique. This is why we welcome patients from all over the world.“, can be read on their website.

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