for the first time, the actress talks about the incest she suffered

For the very first time, the actress will confide in front of the camera on one of the dramas of her life: the incest she suffered. A moving testimony that she will deliver in a documentary broadcast on France 3, and about which she confided in the columns of Tele-Leisure September 19, 2022.

It’s a big step forward in the life of Corinne Masiero : after repeatedly confiding in the discrimination she suffered during her childhoodthe sexual harassment she suffered in her youth, but also the abortions she had to perform, it’s a new taboo that she should break again in a documentary soon to be broadcast on France 3. The channel has indeed wanted to give the floor to various victims of incest, including the actress. In the magazine Tele-LeisureSeptember 19, 2022, the accomplice of Christophe Dechavanne confided in this testimony, admitting to having put “over 45 years old“to be able to talk about it.”When you have been a victim, the brain sometimes hides the trauma. There is a malaise (…) and we do not know where it comes from. (…) It is never forgotten when one has been a victim. Never“, she explains.

“It’s painful”

Still upset and moved by these secrets long kept for her, Corinne Masiero said: “It’s the first time. It’s painful, because I haven’t finished my work on it yet, but it’s part of my journey.” And to conclude, still about his testimony: “It is the work of a lifetime. This documentary marks a very important step.

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