Funeral of Elizabeth II: Charles III sick? Photos of King’s swollen hands have Brits worried

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While he has just taken over from his mother Queen Elizabeth II as the new King of England, the health of Charles III worries the British. Indeed, photos of his abnormally swollen hands raise questions.

Since his accession to the throne of England, King Charles III has been scrutinized from all sides. A detail has also caught the attention of several British media concerning the health of the heir. Indeed, in many photos, Charles’ hands appear particularly swollen.

Edema, arthritis, treatment?

Asked about the subject, Dr. Gareth Nye told our colleagues at Mirror that these swellings could be due to several separate health conditions. According to him, King Charles could be suffering from oedema, an accumulation of fluid in the body that would cause his fingers to swell.

However, other factors could be responsible for this phenomenon. According to the specialist, 73-year-old Charles III could also have arthritis, be on specific treatment or have a diet that is too high in salt. It is therefore difficult to know more for the moment about the precise state of health of the new sovereign. He himself had already had fun calling his fingers “sausage-shaped fingers” during a trip to Australia in 2012.

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