Galadriel actress defends her character’s new take on the show

While the news amazon series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerjust released, we revealed to you this drastic decision taken by Amazon regarding its series, which is the subject of a review bombing from many netizens. And precisely, after many fans have criticized the series, especially concerning the game of some actors, one of them decided to take the floor, in order to defend his interpretation of the character that she embodies.

galadriel’s new attitude

A few days before the series is about to debut on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform, we already introduced you to some actors from the new series. Rings of Power who teased their charactersthe opportunity to learn more before the fateful moment. And since fans have finally been able to immerse themselves in this new story of Middle-earth, they seem divided regarding the new production from Amazon.

Indeed, if some seem to have been won over by the beginnings of this new adaptation inspired by the world of the famous writer JRR Tolkien, many are still rather skeptical. The latter have thus issued a certain number of criticisms, among which we find in particular the acting of some characters. But the point that seems to inflame the anger of fans the most remains loyalty to the original lore.

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This is why in a recent interview given to variety, Morfydd Clark, who portrays the character of Galadriel in the series Rings of Power, decided to defend the new version of the Elf who, until then, showed a rather warlike attitude. She will then explain that, the Elves living several million years, the latter are thus led to evolve a lot from one era to another. The actress therefore considered that the serene version of Galadriel discovered in Peter Jackson’s trilogy is the product of her experiences during the Second Age.. Here is what Clark said:

I would say his serenity was hard earned. I don’t think you can reach this level of wisdom without going through certain trials. She also talks about the loss of innocence that comes with wisdom, which was a very good thing for me. Because how can you stay young when you are already several thousand years old? So I thought about the innocence she lost during that time. By the Third Age, the Elves had already evolved to some extent. Those of the First Age were much less orderly, fighting and mocking each other. They constitute the history of Middle-earth, and are therefore in perpetual evolution. It was really interesting for us, who play canon characters, to explore how those characters become who we know they are.

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Although the changes made to the Amazon series may displease some fans, the action is set thousands of years before the events of the trilogy. The Lord of the Rings, which means that Middle-earth will naturally be different from what we have seen so far. But the point that is criticized by many fans highlights major differences from the original lore established by Tolkien. It remains to be seen if the continuation of the series will be able to seduce the most reluctant fans, Rings of Power still in its infancy.

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