Gamescom 2022 – Discovering the Razer basilisk V3 Pro and RESPAWN!

Gamescom, for a lot of people, it all boils down to pure gaming. And yet, manufacturers are also present, including our heart brand TMTC RAZER!

A very private little meeting where I wondered what I was going to be presented with, having asked for no information. On the table, black packets and a mouse. Then the tone is set, it’s not April Fool’s Day and it’s not a joke.


Here I am, then, attended a presentation of the chewing gum made in Razer : Respawn.
But why ? The presentation explains that the gamer likes to snack while playing and … it’s a truth. So Razer is launching Respawn to fill that gap in their lineups. Chewing gum without added sugar and other crap with three flavors.

All in a packaging allowing you to do everything with one hand. The particularity will come especially that the Respawn are black to remind the initial mark and stand out from the crowd. On the taste side, we are on pomegranate and watermelon, exotic and mint.

To get them, taste all three, watermelon is a master class for me… The proof… I don’t have any more… (If you read me at Razer… 😉 😉 )

The Basilisk V3 PRO and its base of the future.

After a moment of laughter around Respawn. That’s the heart of the matter, Basilisk V3 Pro. A fully programmable mouse with 11 buttons. But also a 30K Razer Focus Pro optical sensor, which means that for me it would be a real treat to have such high sensitivity.

As for the switches, we are on Razer trade 3rd generation which will withstand 90 million clicks with anti-bounce avoiding double clicks which are still far too present on a lot of current high-end mice. The icing on the cake, the mouse is fully compatible with Nvidia Reflex for even more responsiveness.

The other particularity of the mouse is to have an adjustable wheel in three modes. Whether you want to have notch for notch with great resistance or just to be able to feel the blackmail, it is possible. The third mode will be him in the total release of the wheel in order to simulate a scroll on telephone and thus the not have to turn thousand times.

For the rest, we are sure of the fully programmable via Synapse with 13 programmable LEDs. Personally, my favorite is that the mouse weighs 112 grams and is completely in your hand. Because yes, I am one of those who do not like mice weighing 3 grams.

The mouse is also programmable in its connectivity, classic Bluetooth or others, it can connect to everything. But is also entitled to a dongle allowing Hyperspeed connectivity reducing the delay to the minimum possible. The top is above all that it will easily last 90 hours in this mode.

The charging of the future.

Last product presented is the charging base, the mouse had in the past a rather old-fashioned base with an obligation to place the mouse correctly. Here it is finished! The new magnetic base will give you a part to place in your mouse in order to magnetize it with the base and therefore no more charging problems.

The base and the part in question also have great interest for the future, as Razer announces that it will be compatible with all future releases. BUT not only, because you can also charge your phone by induction with the same base.

Attention, another surprise, the base is also a dongle hyperspeed ! Yes, the base sold separately is not only there to recharge, but becomes central to all your peripherals. A must.

Finally, we come out of this meeting with great expectations for the sequel and a desire to test this material which seems totally crazy. I’m a big FPS sterame, the Basilisk V3 pro-is the mouse I’ve always been waiting for. His dock too! You can do anything with it and it’s great. But while waiting to have the chance to test all this, we will be patient with our Respawn!

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