Grab these seriously insanely priced Apple headphones this Wednesday

Apple wireless headphones are at an exceptional price: it’s now or never to fall for the AirPods 3, the latest generation of these essential accessories from the apple brand.

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For sports or in transport, wireless headphones are much more practical than their wired equivalents. In the field, the AirPods are a benchmark among fans of the apple brand. The AirPods 3, the third generation of these wireless headphones, released in 2021, adopt a new design that is more compact, more discreet and more elegant, but still just as easy to use, thanks to a pressure sensor that lets you control the playback of your content without taking out your iPhone, but by touching your earbuds. Amazon currently offers these AirPods 3 at a low price: from 219 euros, they go to 187 euros, or 15% reduction.

The AirPods 3, the benchmark for Apple wireless headphones

As with each new version, the AirPods 2021 have benefited from numerous improvements: compatibility with spatial audio, first, for three-dimensional sound that immerses you in a real acoustic bubble, following the movements of your head in time real. Guaranteed immersion in your films and series! The sound equalization evolves, and automatically adapts to the track you are listening to and the shape of your ear, to provide you with the best possible sound. The autonomy, finally, increases to 6 hours of battery use, and up to 30 hours thanks to the included MagSafe charging case. These features continue to make AirPods the most convenient headphones for owners of iPhones and other Apple devices, to which they sync immediately and intuitively.

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Grab here the Amazon offer on AirPods 3

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