Hackers are attacking you via Word!

The inventiveness of hackers to succeed in recovering our data or intruding into a system is constantly evolving. As many of us also use Microsoft tools, if, for example, we have to write a document, Word will open on our computer. And so, I share with you a warning about it because researchers from the company HP Wolf Security have discovered malware that activates when we open a Word document that we have received by email.

Once present on our computer, this software, which is called SVC Ready, will continue to install other programs. To achieve this result, hackers will obviously document themselves about companies or administrations in order to target us with precision. Going, for example, on Linkedin, they will consult the company section. In the large list, they choose and discover the profiles of the people who work there. This also allows them to know their exact function.

The email, which we will then receive, will take over the identity of this person whom we know. In confidence, we will therefore open the Word document which is present as an attachment. This software, which I am talking about, is particularly intrusive because it will use certain Microsoft functions to collect data such as the user’s name, the time zone but also technical information relating to the computer, in particular the processes that are running and installed programs.

It can also take screenshots and retrieve information related to the USB tools that we connect.

Once present, this software will also install RedLine Stealer which has been developed to steal passwords, payment information and data associated with our browsing. SVC Ready is currently easily detectable so I invite you to perform a full scan of your computer with the antivirus you have.

However, let’s also remain cautious for the future because this software is under development and could become more discreet and more dangerous.

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