Haptic feedback is bad for the battery

This is one of the favorite features of users on iOS 16. However, the haptic feedback when using the keyboard would be too… energy-intensive.

This is one of the features that returned with the update to iOS 16. In addition to the famous noise when you write, you can get small vibrations during each keystroke on your iPhone keyboard. If this appeals to many users, Apple has just issued a warning concerning this novelty, it would be harmful for… the autonomy of your iPhone!

By its own admission, Apple explains that this feature could drain your battery faster. The information comes from a support document published on the website of the Cupertino company: “When you type, the iPhone keyboard may vibrate or make a sound. Enabling keyboard haptic feedback may affect your iPhone’s battery life.”

Prevention is better than cure

It is obvious that the impact of this haptic feedback will be different depending on the uses. Someone who sends a few messages, emails or tweets a day will be much less impacted than someone who constantly chats on apps (Snapchat, WhatsApp or iMessage) or on social media.

Apple prefers to communicate evasively on the real impact of the use of haptic feedback in order to avoid any complaints from consumers. As a reminder, to activate or deactivate this function, simply go to Settings -> General -> Sounds and vibrations -> Keyboard feedback.

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