has Alexia’s family given their consent for the fiction to be broadcast tonight?

Monday September 12, TF1 broadcasts The fiction The Daval Mystery, which takes over the investigation into the death in 2017 of Alexia Daval, murdered by her husband Jonathann Daval. In the cast of this fictional event, Liam Baty (Jonathan Daval), Maud Baecker (Alexia Daval) Michele Bernier (Isabelle Fouillot)Jérôme Anger (Jean-Pierre Fouillot) and Thierry Neuvic lend their features to the protagonists of this affair which captivated the French. Even before its release, The Daval Mysterythe fiction of TF1 adapted from the high-profile news item that shook France in 2017, angered some netizens and from the mother of Jonathann Daval. Many are indignant that the parents of Alexia, murdered by her companion, have agreed to the production of a film on the assassination of their daughter.

The Daval Mystery: Alexia’s parents, at the center of media attention

From the disappearance of their daughter to the conviction of their stepson Jonathan Daval, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, Alexia’s parents have been very present in the media. In 2021, the couple published the book “Alexia, our daughter“in which they discuss the personality and life of their daughter.”Alexia was the great absentee from the trial, with this book we wanted to pay tribute to her“said Isabelle Fouillot during a dedication. “Jonathan Daval’s defense also relied on lies about our daughter ” added Jean-Pierre Fouillot. But The Daval Mysteryis not based on the book of the Fouillot spouses. The TV movie is based on the investigative story by journalists Laurent Briot and Christophe Dubois, “The Alexia Daval Affair, the real story”, published on September 1, 2022 by Michel Lafon.

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The Daval Mystery: Have the families given their consent for the TV movie?

Justice tends to respect the freedom of creation for works adapted from real events. All the more so if they have been widely covered by the media, as is the case for The Daval Mystery. Legally, the consent of victims’ families or other stakeholders in a criminal case is not required by law. The only recourse is to sue a production if it is defamatory. Most of the time, fictions protect themselves legally by changing details, places or even the names of the protagonists. Here, the production has chosen to keep the real names, except for the case of Martine Henry, who becomes in fiction, Martine Cussey. “My son is not a freak” had entrusted the latter to L’Est Républicain, when Gaumont unveiled its series project on the Daval affair, adapted from the book written by Alexia’s parentsJonathann has been judged, he will serve his sentence, let him be in peace“. In the case of TF1 fiction, The Daval Mysterynor Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, Alexia’s parents, nor Martine Henry, Jonathann’s motherhave not participated in the TV movie, nor given their consent.

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