“He realized the dream of a lot of people”, Gilles Verdez slapped in TPMP, viewers are jubilant

Matthias Quiviger – better known to Internet users under the nickname Ragnar the Breton, notably became famous thanks to his character of Michel Venum. Who is it ? From a caricature as funny as improbable of these big rednecks that we regularly find in the weight room and who generally have more veins on the bibi than neurons.

Gilles Verdez takes a slap in the face TPMP

And while the comedian usually makes his subscribers laugh on YouTube and Instagram, this time he was present on the set of TPMP this Tuesday, September 20, 2022 in order to find Josiane Balasko – whom he knew when he was a teenager, but also to promote his own show. A remarkable passage in the show, punctuated by a memorable sequence which must have made Matthieu Delormeau happy.

While the columnist does not pass a program without taking the lead with Gilles Verdez, the latter was invited by Cyril Hanouna to test the power of the hands of his guest. Yes, as you can discover in our slideshow, Ragnar le Breton – known for his fairground slaps, did not hesitate to give one to Gilles Verdez live.

>> “You can’t say that!“: Gilles Verdez attacks a guest of TPMPshe leaves the set in tears <<

Internet users jubilant in front of the scene

Well, we reassure you, Verdez was consenting and…

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