Health. Is there one and the same vaccine against influenza and Covid-19?

“Is there a single vaccine combining seasonal flu and coronavirus in a single dose? »asks Pierre, a Belgian reader.

Good question, especially since the Covid-19 can end up settling like a seasonal virus: with an increase in contamination from the first frosts.

For the moment Pierre, there is no vaccines available combining protection against seasonal flu and against Covid-19.

To date, no vaccine offering simultaneous protection against influenza and against Covid-19 is authorized on the market. Studies are currently being carried out by certain laboratories, but we do not have any data to date.confirm to West France the Directorate General of Health (DGS), on September 9.

The DGS refers in particular to Moderna’s announcements. Biotech has already announced thedevelopment of such a vaccine in January 2022. As indicated by Sandra Fournier, the director of the laboratory in France, this vaccine would aim to protect against Covid-19, seasonal flu and bronchiolitis. This injection would be “to be renewed annually”she explained to Provence .

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Receive both vaccines at the same time

If there is currently no vaccine protecting against both viruses, it is still possible to receive both vaccines at the same time.

“For people eligible for the booster vaccine against Covid-19 and who have priority for the vaccine against flu, both vaccines can be given at the same time. This is possible in pharmacies that vaccinate with both vaccines, in medical and nursing practices”we read on the Ministry of Health website.

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The campaign for the second reminder against Covid-19 is open to people aged 60 to 79, pregnant women, adults at risk of severe form and their entourage and also people aged 80 and over, residents of nursing homes and USLD and finally to immunocompromised people.

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