Health prevention meeting at the Prades market

The Communal Center for Social Action (CCAS) is organizing a “Health Prevention” meeting in partnership with the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM).

It had been two years since it had taken place, the Health Prevention meeting will take place tuesday september 20 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The last operation of its kind was held in February 2019 at the fairground, just before the health crisis. “We take advantage of the fact that it is market day to settle in the Place de la République and blend in with the local activity”explains Sébastien Duvillier, director of the CCAS. “The philosophy of this action is to reach out to the people of Conflent. To be able to reach those who do not often seek treatment.”

A 3D simulator

The goal is to educate the widest possible audience on health and prevention issues. “This also gives us the opportunity to present to the inhabitants of the territory all the health prevention systems that exist around their homes.” On the stands, visitors will be able to find diverse and varied information on issues of diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, respiratory failure, heart, and even on the subject of planning and housing (non-exhaustive list).

Eighteen partners are associated with this information operation, including the Prades Hospital, the Perpignan Hospital Center, the Conflent Health Center, the MSA, the Carsat Pension Fund, etc. “Partners can why not make appointments or refer interested people.” This year a novelty should attract people. A 3D simulator suitable for people with disabilities and the elderly will be available (free of charge). The opportunity to take a virtual quad, motorbike, yellow train ride or even visit a museum or even a castle, the spectrum is wide and discovery within reach.

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