Help, I snore… What should I do?

If, in addition, the specialist suspects sleep disorders such as apnea, additional examinations will have to be done, for example, a tis sleepy. This is done in case there are other accompanying symptoms; lack of attention, cognitive disorders, lack of sleep, etc.

“Sometimes it can hide a more structural health problem. Sleep apnea can sometimes accompany an array of snoring so we will schedule a sleep recording at the hospital or at home. The goal is to look for changes microcirculatory, a possible decrease in the oxygen level in the blood or even anomalies in the brain, and we will configure and map the essential parameters so as not to miss sleep apnea.

Indeed, in recent years, thanks to various studies, we have realized that one of the deleterious aspects of apnea is that it stimulates the neurovegetative system and especially the orthosympathetic system at night and it creates an increase in the rhythm which eventually creates cardiovascular stress which can lead to heart attack, heart attack, stroke, etc. It is therefore to be taken seriously, as our expert points out.

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