here are the characteristics of the people best protected against BA.5

If the number of Covid-19 cases continues to decrease in France, the arrival of an 8th wave of the epidemic in the fall is dreaded. For the time being, it is the BA.5 variant, notably at issue in the 7th wave, which remains dominant, as indicated by the latest epidemiological point from Public Health France.

This subvariant of Omicron could it play a role in the resurgence of the epidemic expected in the coming weeks? This hypothesis is not ruled out by the Scientific Council, which explained, in its opinion delivered on 19 July last, that “a seasonal resumption of the circulation of an existing variant or of a variant antigenically close to an existing variant” was one of the possible scenarios.

Certain characteristics, however, would make it possible to be better protected against BA.5. According to a new study by Portuguese researchers and published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), people previously infected with another variant and vaccinated would have less risk of being infected by BA.5.

To find out, the authors of this work identified the periods during which each variant was in the majority. They then analyzed Portugal’s Covid-19 case registry and identified people who developed an infection during periods when each variant was dominant. The goal? “Calculate their risk of infection during the period of BA.5 dominance,” the study reads.

Result: an infection (…)

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