Here is the Devils anthem for the 2022 World Cup (VIDEO)

This song, written by Max Colombie several months ago, has been approved by the Belgian Union to carry Belgium to the next World Cup.

“When the record company Universal Music Belgium and the Belgian football federation heard it for the first time, they were immediately convinced that it should be made Belgium’s official anthem for the World Cup. Not only , it’s a musical pearl that uniquely combines contemporary R&B and electro-pop but this song is characterized by a very current and dancing sound, which will be perfectly at home in football stadiums and will inspire our Red Devils to give everything”, justified the Belgian Union in its press release.

“I closed my last two concerts, during the Lowlands and Pukkelpop festival, with this song. I wrote it a few months ago and called it ‘Warrior’. It was supposed to be an anthem on the conquest of the world, but then it became something else. Sometimes our greatest triumphs are victories over ourselves. It’s for everyone who fights for something. I hope it will fuel also the flame of the Red Devils”, commented Max Colombie.

Oscar and the Wolf will perform after the Devils game against Wales on September 22 at the King Baudouin Stadium in the Nations League. Belgium’s last at home before leaving for Qatar where the Belgians will face Canada on November 23, Morocco on 27 and Croatia on December 1.

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