Hidden Objects Found in Johannes Vermeer’s Famous Painting ‘The Milkmaid’

Hidden objects have been discovered in the painting of the 17th century Dutch painter.

A pitcher holder and a hidden basket were discovered by painting experts in the painting The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer, the famous Dutch painter.

This was announced by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

These discoveries provide valuable information on the modest way of life of the painter.

Under the plain white wall

It was through advanced scanning techniques that the experts were able to see that underneath the plain white wall, the painter had first painted in additional details.

“It reveals an unexpected new Vermeer, it’s stunning,” Gregor Weber, head of fine arts at the Rijksmuseum, said at a press conference, adding that “stands before us in a much more monumental”.

About ten years ago, researchers had already discovered, thanks to an advanced raidiography system, that other things were hidden in the painting, but they had not managed to find out which ones. They had thought for a time that it was a fireplace.

New major discoveries on The Milkmaid! Advanced research technologies have brought to light a jug holder and a fire basket. Vermeer himself later painted over the objects. The most recent scans also uncovered what is clearly an underpainting. ?https://t.co/jEsKR25XKP pic.twitter.com/sGbJkIUdaI

— Rijksmuseum (@rijksmuseum) September 8, 2022

The basket that has become a foot warmer

This time, experts found through “short-wavelength infrared reflectance”, that the pitcher holder was later replaced by the bright white wall, while the basket became a foot warmer much smaller.

These discoveries come a few months before the exhibition event which is to take place from February 10 to June 4, 2023 and which will bring together 27 of the painter’s 35 works in Amsterdam.

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