His daughter Nina is making her first comeback… Very very long hair and a princess dress!

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Last moments of happiness on the beach just before the start of the school year. This is what Adriana Karembeu and her daughter Nina offered themselves, who celebrated her 4th birthday on August 17th. On Instagram, the one who has shared her life for twelve years with the Armenian businessman André Ohanian, father of her daughter, shared these precious moments but also the famous return to school of her only daughter. “Last day on the beach before school” (“last day on the beach before school“), writes the ex of French international footballer Christian Karembeu. We can see little Nina having fun running on the sand towards the sea. And her adorable laugh says a lot about her happiness.

But the next day, the time is over for sand castles for the daughter of Adriana Karembeu. Place at the start of the school year, as revealed by his illustrious mother on the social network. “First day of school” (“first day of class“) wrote the sidekick of Michel Cymes on France 2, in legend. We can see on a short video his daughter from behind, adorable in a very pretty sky blue princess dress. Nina has very very long hair, styled with a simple headband, and too cute little sneakers (see slideshow). The little girl walks cheerfully towards school, closely followed by her proud mother.

Heavy obstacles before this great happiness

This little Nina was more than desired. Before becoming…

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