His sublime daughter Alyson Le Borges looks like him like two drops of water


Alyson Delon, better known as Alyson Le Borges – she chose to bear the name of her mother – has long been the hidden daughter of Anthony Delon. While celebrates 36 years this September 4, her link with the son of the illustrious Alain Delon was finally made public in 2015 when she was already 28 years old. The father and his daughter then posed in swimsuitsat the end of a pier on Harbor Island, near the island of Eleuthera, on the cover of Paris Match. This child, whom the actor did not want, he had already mentioned in 2008 in his book entitled The first link.

Alyson was born three weeks before Anthony Delon turns 22. We then learned from Paris Match that the girl”in her father’s eyes, her bewitching beauty. But she may have grown up in the Paris region, not very far from home, they never shared the same universe. Worse still, the fragile link that linked them was barely tied, but broken.“. It is clear that at the age of 36, Alyson Le Borges still looks like two drops of water to her younger dad. When Alyson turned 10, Anthony Delon spontaneously gave her an appointment when she came of age. , promising to submit, if he so wished, to a paternity test, a test which only confirmed that she was indeed his daughter.

She assigned him to…

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