How to get rid of cookies on the Internet?

On a website, data collected stored by cookies range from username of the Internet user if he has one to his address IPs through information about his operating system or even his Navigator. The third-party cookies, on the other hand, are generated by sites and services outside the one visited. They mainly concern social networks and advertising agencies.

the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) requires that the Internet user gives his OK on the creation of cookies when opening a new site. The simplest is to systematically refuse by clicking on the “Continue without accepting” option.

You can also refuse all the kinds of cookies offered, one by one, in the list offered.

However, most web browsers allow you to configure the activation or not of cookies. They also usually offer a total removal personal data, including these famous cookies, at the end of the session, which is often both the simplest and most effective choice. On this subject, firefox stands out from the competition with its many protective tools that allow you to block cookies and social network trackers, but also cryptocurrency miners or digital fingerprint detectors.

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