How to manage back-to-school stress well?

Usually we don’t feel the thousands of stress reactions we have every day. We feel them only when the adaptation is overloaded in its management and it becomes an anxiety or a nervous rush.

When we are on leave, we are less subject to solicitations. On vacation, we are also more often in bed, which allows our adrenals, which produce the physiological stress response, to rest.

When we come back, we suddenly have a shock linked to multiple requests, between the start of the school year for the children, the return to work, the anxiety-provoking news, the bills… Our coping mechanisms are overworked when they had had peace. And so we are more likely to experience anxiety overwhelm.

Another factor: in September, the temperatures and luminosity decrease, which reinforces the coping management shock. We go from nothing to everything. It is particularly important to allow the organism and the brain to readapt gently.

It’s really like a valve or a pressure cooker: if there is too much – and there, for two years, we have been in a multitude of adaptations -, at some point, it explodes. A little anxious and a lot exhausted.

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