how was born his improbable friendship with Michel Polnareff

Jean-Paul Rouve is this Sunday the guest of Didier Barbelivien’s show “Tell me what you sing”. The actor looks back on the songs that marked his life, including Michel Polnareff’s “All the boats, all the birds”. The opportunity for the star to discuss his friendship with the singer, born following the filming of the film “Podium”, in which he played a lookalike of Polnareff.

Michel Polnareff has accompanied him since his earliest childhood. When he was only two years old, Jean-Paul RouvĂ© listened to “All the boats, all the birds”. It’s even the very first song he remembers. “I find it crazy to remember this song”, he confides to the microphone of Didier Barbelivien in Tell me what you sing. “I’m at my grandmother’s house. And this song is on the radio and it goes on repeat obviously because it’s a huge hit”.

Jean-Paul Rouve receives a phone call from Polnareff several months after the release of Podium

And, the actor had the chance to forge a very special bond with his idol thanks to a choice in his career. In 2004, the star of Tuche cross the path of Yann Moixthe director of Podium. The latter offers Jean-Paul Rouve to slip into Polnareff’s costume. Bet raised for the actor who masterfully embodies the interpreter of Letter to France.

At the microphone of Didier Barbelivien in Tell me what you sing, Jean-Paul Rouve remembers receiving a totally unexpected phone call from Michel Polnareff. “One day, my phone rings and I have a call from abroad, from Los Angeles. It’s Michel Polnareff. He saw the film a year or two after its release and he said to me: ‘Listen, to see the movie, and frankly I feel like I see myself. It was me, my way of walking. It was me at the time.'” A statement that deeply “touched” Jean-Paul Rouve, satisfied to have “succeeded in…

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