how will the queen’s funeral be?

Anais Cordoba

Royal protocol dictates that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held ten days after her death. This Saturday, Buckingham Palace announced that the funeral will take place on Monday, September 19. But what will happen in the next few days? Europe 1 takes an overview.

Charles was proclaimed king. This Saturday, the son of Queen Elizabeth II was sworn in before Prime Minister Liz Truss, her son Prince William and his wife Camilla. What will happen now that the queen is dead? The four days before the funeralthe Queen’s coffin will be on display at the Palace of Westminster to allow the public to come and pay their respects.

Then, on the morning of Monday, September 19, the coffin will be led in procession from the Palace to Westminster Abbey. This is where the state funeral will take place. Then the coffin will be taken to the town of Windsor, about 40 kilometers from London – this is where the famous castle of the royal family is located.

Elizabeth II will join Prince Philip

Arriving in Windsor, another procession will take place on the Long walk, this large green alley that leads to the castle. A smaller funeral service will then take place in the Saint-Georges chapel.

Then the coffinElizabeth II will join that of her husband Prince Philip in the King George VI Chapel, where the parents, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and George VI, and the Queen’s sister also rest.

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