Hugo and Yann are on the trail of Christophe (Summary of episode 982)

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance with the detailed summary of episode 983 of Friday September 23, 2022. In this new episode, Cécile discovers the truth, while Eva wants to make Christophe pay..


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episode 983 of September 23, 2022

Before going to class, Thaïs takes a jog. She runs at least three times a week, because she plans to join STAPS (sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities) next year. Thaïs meets Damien, the philosophy teacher, and offers him to run together. He accepts. For his part, Louis believes that Kira is sulking at him because she had to lie to the police to cover him up. He tries to apologize to his friend. Kira is upset. Thaïs encourages him to move on and invites him to a student party to clear his mind. Kira calls Claire to ask her permission to sleep at Thaïs. She accepts. Kira is then honest and tells him about the student party. Since Kira told her the truth, Claire lets her go and gives her recommendations.

Thaïs lent one of her dresses to Kira. The young girl had a blast on the dance floor, but did not pay attention to those who devoured her with their eyes. Thaïs encourages her new friend to trust herself more, and assures Kira that she is very pretty.


Achille is not Christophe’s son

Cornered, Christophe swears to Cécile that Achille is not his son. He confides to his companion that he knew Achille when he was 5 years old. He and his mother came to the office to have their dog treated. But since they were penniless, he never made them pay. He had become attached to them, touched by this mother who was struggling to get by and this adorable boy. But a few years ago, she died suddenly and Achille found himself all alone overnight. He was placed in foster care and has been trying to be there for him ever since. Christophe profusely apologizes for having Achille’s existence, but he is unable to explain to his partner why he did not tell her about the teenager earlier. Trust is broken. Cécile asks Christophe to leave.

Johanna has a date with Patrice Engel’s wife. She explains to her client that her complaint will be dismissed. Johanna tells Eva that according to the medical examiner, her husband’s death was due to the clandestine operation he underwent a few days earlier. The surgeon who performed the operation sutured the renal artery incorrectly. Johanna explains to Eva that it is possible that this error was intentional. She encourages her client to say what she knows, without success.

Hugo, the medical examiner, is passionate about this case. By searching the archives for all the clandestine operations that were carried out on criminals, he was able to make the connection with another case, that of counterfeiters. It was he who had performed the autopsy on Pauline. She had been operated on by a guy who called himself the florist. He suspects the latter of having operated on Engel. Hugo asks for Yann’s help to question the only witness capable of identifying the surgeon, Gaëlle. But the inmate is hardly cooperative, and for good reason. “The Florist” saved his life.

Christophe confides to Achille that Cécile is angry with him because he lied to her and hid his existence. The teenager feels guilty, convinced that everything is his fault. Christophe assures him of the opposite, and he confides in Achille how very happy he is that he is a part of his life. Achille admits to Christophe that it’s mutual.

For her part, Cécile receives the truth from Margot. The young woman recognizes that she should not have interfered in her relationship, but she felt unhappy. Margot does not understand why Christophe hid the existence of Achille, especially since he is not his biological son. Margot feels guilty, because Cécile is suffering. She assures Margot that she was right to talk to her because she had the right to know. She agrees that Margot stays at home to sleep tonight.

Eva got permission to go see her late husband at the Forensic Institute. Moved, she promises to make him pay for the one who took her life and then bids farewell to the love of her life.

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