“I can’t stand this damn thing!”

In the middle of a tour at the start of his reign, and while he was in Northern Ireland, King Charles III was filmed coming out of his hinges because of a drooling pen.

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King for only a few days after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, Charles III was already suffering the pangs of office… Or else it was those of daily life that continued to torment him! While the commemoration ceremonies in honor of his mother continue and in full tour across the UK, King Charles showed a little-known facet of him. A tour which is an opportunity for the sovereign to meet the people of his kingdom while continuing to pay homage to the late queen and during which he therefore let his anger out.

“I hate that !”

After Scotland on Monday, it was therefore in another territory with a heavy liability, a subject of contention between the royal family and the separatists, that the new king of England was on Tuesday, September 13. Dressed in a dark suit and accompanied by his wife, the now queen consort Camilla, he indeed walked the streets of Belfast in Northern Ireland. A little later, the facts took place at Hillsborough Castle, the official residence of the king. While Charles had been invited to sign a guestbookthat his pen started to leak. Wanting to indicate the date on the register, Charles obviously made a mistake, writing 12 instead of September. Hastening to finish his word, he then exclaimed to his wife who was standing by his side: “Oh my God, I hate this!”.

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“That damn thing!”

Handing him his pen, the king stood up. “Oh look, it’s flowing everywhere, wait”, then suggested the queen consort to him, asking the assembly of councilors around them for a handkerchief. One of them grabs the pen and it’s finally Camilla who sits down and sign the guestbook… With another pen! Behind her, Charles III, still not recovered from his emotions, launches a: I can’t stand this damn thing! That’s what they do every time!” This is the second time since his accession to the throne that Charles has had a bad adventure with a pen. The first took place when he had just signed in pen the oath of his proclamation as king. Seconds later, he was impatient with his assistants to get the inkwell away from him. A sequence, too, which has gone viral. Something to amuse some Internet users and commentators, but also to annoy others…

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