“I didn’t know anyone, but the heart was in it…”

He is releasing his 10th album, “St. Clair“, in stores on September 9, and Benjamin Biolay has not forgotten the difficulties he encountered at the start of his career, where the songs were a little less easy than today, for him.

A career start inprostitute”

In his new opus, he admits, in song: “I made a prostitute. A sentence that he explains to our colleagues from New Obs, this September 1:I’ve never slept with anyone for money, but when I got into show business I often felt like I was close to doing it.”. Moreover, he also recognizes about the world of music: “When you go to certain parties with the sole purpose of succeeding, you can feel dirty. I did not suck anyone, but the heart was there. When I write ‘I did prostitute’, it comes out spontaneously because I really mean it”.

Today freed from this system, Benjamin Biolay was however forced to question himself in order to pursue his career, otherwise he would have ruined everything out of ingratitude. Chiara Mastroianni’s ex indeed reports: “I saw singers behaving in an abominable disrespectful way, I realized that I behaved in the same way”.

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In detail, he indeed explains that he was arriving “an hour late appointment“, he was singing “sometimes with his back to the public”he said “horrors on other singers“. Flaws that could have cost him his career – (too bad when we tried so hard to get there).

The only rocker luxury he kept

And if Benjamin Biolay admits that he erased his side “70s kids” who thought he was a punk, there is one thing he has not given up: his freedom of tone! The one who recently witnessed Julie Gayet at her marriage to François Hollande is pleased to have a verb of his own , and very frank with the necklace. As for his song where he reveals to have “made a prostitute”He supports : “If I want to write ‘big ass’, I don’t self-censor“.

And explain: “Letting go of very vulgar words, I really like that with Ferré. There, it was less premeditated than on certain previous albums, where I tried to shock“.


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