“I lived the glory under narcotics”, confides the singer

He is one of the most popular popstars of his generation. At 48, Robbie Williams returns with XXVan album where he reinvents 19 of his hits with a large orchestra. This album celebrates his 25-year solo career, which began in 1997 after finding fame in the boy band Take That.

Overexposure, huge popularity that plunges the British singer into drugs and alcohol from the mid-90s. “Unfortunately, I lived the glory under narcotics”, he tells RTL.

Robbie Williams often appears in public in a lamentable state and then revives. “It’s a very sad moment. From 1995 to 2021, I couldn’t find joy in anything. I took a free ticket to hell. Drugs give you the illusion of what it’s like to be fine. You feel like the fastest, strongest, smartest and sexiest on the planet.” explains the singer.

His charisma and his hits save him every time. He has thus sold more than 80 million albums in 25 years and continues to perform all over the world.

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