“I said that my mother had died”

Théo Fernandez “liar and manipulator”, his astonishing confidences: “I was saying that my mother was dead” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre / Getty Images)

This Friday, September 16, 2022, “Dancing with the stars” is back on TF1 for a second episode of this 12th season. The opportunity to witness the first steps of Théo Fernandez on the floor of the famous show. At 24, the actor has already cut his teeth on the big screen, in the films “Les Tuche”. And it is in particular thanks to his career that he has come to the end of an annoying tendency to lie…

Fernandez tea is gifted. At only 11 years old, he shot the very first part of the film “The Tuches” by Olivier Baroux, released in 2011. An extraordinary experience for the boy from Toulouse, who, after his parents’ divorce, grew up in Paris. His role as Donald in the hit French comedy earned him honours, and Théo Fernandez then learned alongside the greatest of the genre, such as Isabelle Nanty and Jean-Paul Rouve. A career that started off with a bang for the man who, from an early age, always harbored acting dreams. Smaller, he even pushed the fantasy further, inventing a life totally different from his…

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A former liar

Théo Fernandez is a funny character. And it started at an early age. “In my childhood, I was a liar and manipulator” he confessed in 2018 in an interview with Paris Match. And the young Theo pushed the lie to its climax: “I invented lives, I told that my mother was dead, that my father had disappeared.” Far from blushing, Théo Fernandez has for a long time fed this huge lie about his family life, carried by a form of excitement at the idea of ​​​​going beyond the limits: “I wanted people to follow me in my delirium, to see how far I could go” he analyzes with hindsight.

Yes, if some children play with the authority of their parents, Théo Fernandez, he managed with the truth. Was this the beginning of a mad desire to play comedy and to portray ever more different roles from each other? We must believe. Since the actor admits it today: “And then, one day, I started shooting. And it all stopped.” No need to invent characters with friends from the playground. From now on, Théo Fernandez plays in the big bath. However, his personality continues to arouse strong reactions.

Theo Fernandez’s attitude shocked viewers

A few weeks ago, it was through an Instagram video that Théo Fernandez formalized his participation in the 12th season of “Dance with the Stars”. “I hope to be able to show my specialties such as twerking. I hope not to be eliminated in the first round otherwise I think I’m going to cry. Thank you all” he declared with the second degree which he showed from the start. first premium. Indeed, Friday September 9, 2022, if he did not dance (only 6 candidates danced that evening), Théo Fernandez seemed a bit stressed or even disconcerted behind the scenes of the after-party, which did not failed to react. Faced with Camille Combal, the young actor adopted a rather casual attitude. Stress or not, the public did not understand everything.

Thus, Théo Fernandez justified himself in an interview with Télé-Loisirs: “We did not dance during the first prime. It was therefore very long for us. We only watched the other performances and stressed. It was terrible and mentally exhausting. So I ended up letting go a little at the end of the show. I was tired. And I wanted to go home. Because I had back pain from dint of to be up. I wanted to leave.” Yes, difficult for the young actor – already quite distressed by the competition – to attend the first performances of his acolytes, in particular that of Billy Crawford which immediately dazzled the jury.

So, facing the camera, he couldn’t contain his annoyance and fatigue: “I was thinking about my training the next day from 8 a.m. Given my level, I can’t afford to miss a single session. And then I learned that I had a sequence dedicated to me in the second part. And I did not know what to do. I was given a microphone and it gave this result.” It remains to be seen whether Théo Fernandez will be able to tame his stress, this Friday, September 16, 2022 in “Dance with the stars”…

Video. Dancing with the stars: what you need to know about season 12

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