“I thought I was ugly, I didn’t like it”

Stéphane Bern, complexed teenager: “I thought I was ugly, I didn’t like it” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

Invited to all the sets to talk about Queen Elizabeth II in recent days, Stéphane Bern is also at the helm of the program “Le monument favorite des Français”, this Wednesday, September 14, 2022. If today he is a very popular, Stéphane Bern has not always had confidence in him. He notably mentioned his adolescence steeped in complexes.

Stephane Bern is one of the faces known and recognized by all French viewers, as he found himself at the head of cult programs. He is notably the great specialist in heritage, history and royalty, and this since its beginnings in the 80s. At that time, the animator was 22 years old, and was only beginning to gain confidence in him. His adolescence was indeed a particularly complicated period.

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The complexes of Stéphane Bern

Very honest, Stéphane Bern is aware of the bad image he could have of himself when he was younger. In an interview with Paris Match in 2015, he confided without shame: “I felt bad about myself until the age of 20. I thought I was ugly, I didn’t like it.” Convinced that his physique could never allow him to find love, he then decided to bet on other assets: “I quickly understood that I had to seduce by something other than my physique. I had caustic humor, a little English.”

Growing up, getting older, was a release for him, while this stage is often dreaded by others. “I was old at 20 and young at 40, the age when I started unbuttoning my corset.” But if these complexes have bothered him for so long, it may be partly because of his upbringing. “You never heal from your childhood,” he said in effect, specifying: “My parents, for their part, were not at all demonstrative.”

“I was beaten, but I deserved my slaps”

It is without language of wood that Stéphane Bern evokes his complicated relationship with his mother, Melita Schlanger-Bern. In “Le Divan” by Marc-Olivier Fogiel, he recounted the violence his “castrating” mother subjected him to: “I was beaten, but I deserved my slaps.” No question for the latter to allow herself tender gestures for free: “I remember, I was going to throw myself into my mother’s arms, she said to me: Oh, listen, Stéphane, no outpouring! And you do everything to deserve your mother’s love. She says to you: You’ll get a hug if you do your homework, this, that. You try to do well, except that you, it’s less successful than your brother, so, inevitably, you don’t no hugs…”

And to clarify: “I constantly heard my parents say: ‘What are we going to do with the little one? We can’t do anything about it, he’s too stupid’.” Harsh words that finally pushed him to surpass himself: “Either it kills you or, on the contrary, I said to myself: Ah, they don’t know what they’re going to do with me, well, they’ll see … They made me who I am.”

A certain jealousy towards his brother

In “Le Divan”, Stéphane Bern confided: “My brother got out of it. Me, I was too subservient to her, I wanted so much that she look at me, that she speaks to me, that she loves me …” The brother in question is none other thanArmand Bern, who died in the summer of 2022. On Instagram, the host paid tribute to him by saying: “We swore that we would remain united for life and death separated us on August 6. You left too soon, a month from your 60th birthday. , after having fought courageously against melanoma which ended up winning. Modest and modest, humble and silent, but terribly sensitive, you did not like outpourings and let me take the light to better stay in the shadows.”

The opportunity for him to recall that his eldest has long been the darling of the family, the one to whom everything succeeded: “You were the pillar of our family, the rock, the eldest and the good genius to whom we turned ( …) I was proud to have an older brother 14 months older who had passed the baccalaureate at 16 and Polytechnique at 19 (X81). Brilliant engineer, caring and human collaborator… Your intelligence impressed, your capacity for work, your immense culture, your kindness, your humor and your great generosity.” In Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s show, he already confided the complexes created by the incessant comparisons to his brother: “My teachers said to my parents: ‘No, Stéphane is a good student, but anyway, you know, madam, it won’t be never his brother’.” And it was to differentiate himself from him that he became passionate about niche areas: “Me, I wanted to exist so I played the learned dog, I knew everything about subjects that did not interest the other members of family”.

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