‘I thought it was a dog toy’: Antwerp resident finds snake in bedroom

©Joachiem Broos/Facebook

Funny surprise for Joachim Broos of the region by Ekeren (Antwerp). The young man, a baker by training, had a real shock when he found a snake at least a meter long in his room (and 10 centimeters thick).

Where does the animal come from? In reality, the snake belongs to its neighbors. In a radio interview with Radio 2, he explained that he did not know how long the animal had been in his room.The cat did not dare to enter the room all day“, did he declare. Joachim would probably even have slept with the snake in the same room as him.I had closed my window at night, then I fell asleep. At eight o’clock I got up, showered and dressed. It was only afterwards, when I wanted to open the door, that my gaze suddenly fell on the snake lying in a corner.

A bad joke? That’s what the baker initially thought when he thought he was dealing with a plastic toy.A toy for the dog or something like that. But when I touched it, the animal retracted its head.” Panicked, he rushed to his phone to call a friend, but especially the police. In a second step, he also decided to post a message on Facebook to try to find out more, but he did not receive an immediate response.

One can very well imagine that the relations between Joachim and its neighbors are complicated today. No way ! In in the end, it turned out to be a tame snake.But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m shocked, of course“, he specifies.

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