“I’m starting to realize everything that’s happening to me…”

And two for Stephane. the noon master of Jean-Luc Reichmannarrived on August 20 in The 12 noon shotshas just landed a second Mysterious Star in the TF1 game, this Tuesday, September 20, 2022. If he did not achieve the feat of winning this showcase before all the boxes were gone, he still managed to recognize the hidden star. He thus won a second round of gifts, with a total value of 37,839 euros. Its overall kitty now reaches 130,343 euros in gifts and winnings.

The 12 noon shots: which star was hiding behind the Mysterious Star of September 2022?

The indices indicated this month the actress Leila Bekhti. Here is how they could be interpreted (the final explanation will be provided in tomorrow’s show): classroom, seen in the background, could evoke that the actress studied theater in high school; the hanger, hanging on the board, recalled that she had started by working alongside her brother, in a clothing store; the heart shaped balloon red could both evoke her role as Alexandra, a psychopath in love with the hero Marc in The flamebut also, his participation in the film paris I love you; the unicorn buoy could symbolize his participation in the feature film The Big Bath by Gilles Lellouche; the cactus could point to his role in The torchFollowing The flamewhich was set in Mexico.

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Stéphane reacts to his victory for Tele-Leisure

I thought I was dreamingsays Stéphane to Tele-Leisure remembering the filming of the show. Already, it’s crazy to tell me that I’ve come this far. And then, finding a second Star, I can’t believe it. I’m starting to realize everything that’s happening to me“explains the candidate who returns to his discovery of the day.Because of my eyesight problem, I approached the Star to see who it was. I recognized her right away“, he underlines about Leïla Bekhti.

Whether Bruno, the biggest winner of 12 noon shots (he won nine mysterious Stars!) was passionate about this final enigma, Stéphane admits that he does not investigate in order to identify the hidden star. “I don’t thinkassumes the one who already had won a showcase shortly after his arrival. I seek the Mysterious Star day by day. If I think too much, I risk focusing on it, and it could disturb me in the game. say. I don’t think about it either in the evening, when I come back from filming, because I’m exhausted. Filming is sustained, we don’t have time to search between two shows“, he concludes.

The photo of the mysterious Star of September 2022 fully revealed in The 12 noon shots

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