In Australia, the Queen left a mysterious letter not to be opened for 63 years

The secret will last another 63 years. Since the announcement of death of Elizabeth II last Thursday, many media offered anecdotes from the life of the Queen of England. The British daily DailyMail thus recalls a story that is unusual to say the least… Elizabeth II left a very mysterious letter between the walls of the Queen Victoria Building during her visit to Sydney ( Australia) in 1986. His request: not to open and read its contents before 2085.

A letter to the Mayor of Sydney

As the story goes West France, the Queen of England had visited Sydney as part of an official trip and attended the reopening of the Queen Victoria Building, a beautiful building built during the reign of Queen Victoria, her great-great-grand- mother. Elizabeth II had then written a secret missive, signed by her hand and the content of which was not even disclosed to her closest advisers. ” Cheers. On the appropriate day you choose in the year 2085 AD, please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of SYDNEY my message,” reads the envelope, addressed to the “Right Honorable Lord Mayor of Sydney.”

The instructions of the Queen of England have been followed to the letter since her visit in 1986: the mysterious mail is framed in an area not open to the public in the Queen Victoria Building. The people of Sydney will have to wait another 63 years before knowing its contents, probably during the era of the reign of George, son of Prince William and grandson of the new King Charles III.

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