in distress alongside King Charles III, a delicate moment captured on video


This Friday, September 16 marked the end of the tour of the new King Charles III in the United Kingdom since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It was in Cardiff, Wales, where tensions against him were felt, that Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles attended a religious service before meeting the crowds who came to see them and chat with she.

But leaving the mass, however, a slight incident took place. The former Princess of Wales lost her shoe, staggering slightly in an attempt to put it back on. If she succeeded hands down and with class, in reality, the challenge was much more complicated than it seems.

About two weeks ago, Camilla Parker-Bowles broke her toe as reported by the Daily Telegraph. An injury that did not require hospitalization but which caused the queen consort a lot of pain. And it’s not about to get better since with the death of Elizabeth II and the new duties she takes on, her schedule leaves her no rest. After England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the royal couple therefore went to Wales before returning to London for a vigil of the princes at the Palace of Westminster in which King Charles will take part.

Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward will also be around their mother’s coffin, which has been on public display since Wednesday evening. For…

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